An BAI @ Digital Biscuit 2015

The Broadcasting Authority of Ireland (BAI) has teamed up with the Digital Youth Council (DYC) to explore the media consumption habits of young people in the digital age.
The findings of a research project completed by the Council will be presented at a special BAI supported event, taking place as part of the Digital Biscuit Film and Technology Forum, on Thursday 29th January at 9:15 am in the Science Gallery, Dublin 2.

The event will be introduced by Michael O’Keeffe, the Chief Executive of the BAI and the research findings will be presented by Lee Campbell, a founding member of the Digital Youth Council.
The research, carried out by the DYC, involved interviewing young people from around the country about their daily media consumption habits and what the impacts of both social media and digital platforms were on these habits.

Speaking ahead of the event, Michael O’Keeffe Chief Executive of the BAI said, “The BAI is always keen to explore the viewing and listening habits of young people and also the means by which they are accessing this content. Our partnership with the Digital Youth Council will add to the understanding of future trends.”

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