From 15th March 2023, broadcasting complaints will be handled by the new media regulator, Coimisiún na Meán, which replaces the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland (BAI). Complaints will be handled in accordance with a new procedure provided at section 48 of the Broadcasting Act 2009, as amended by the Online Safety and Media Regulation Act 2022.

If you wish to make a complaint or you have a complaint in progress or you would like more information, please go to the Coimisiún na Meán website or contact or (01) 6441 200.

Information on how to make a complaint concerning broadcast content is set out on this page. If you require help or advice before making a complaint, or making a request for a right-of-reply, you can contact us using the 'request a callback' form on this page, or by calling us on (01) 644 1200.

Information on previous broadcasting complaint decisions made by the BAI is available on the publications section of this website.
Get in touch with the BAI:
+ 353 1 644 1200
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    How to Make a Complaint

    All broadcasters in Ireland must ensure that their output is compliant with the law and with the BAI’s codes and standards.

    • If you think something you saw or heard on Irish radio or tv, in the last 30 days, was not compliant with BAI codes and rules you can make a complaint.
    • If you think something you saw or heard was factually incorrect giving rise to your honour or reputation being impugned, you can request a right-of-reply under the Right-of-Reply Scheme.

    You should always contact the broadcaster in the first instance.

    Making a complaint to the Broadcaster

    To assist you in making a complaint or a right-of-reply request, the BAI publishes information booklets:

    Referring a complaint to the BAI

    If you are not satisfied with the broadcaster’s response, you can refer your complaint to the BAI by clicking on this link

    You can find the contact details for each broadcaster on the List of TV and Radio Stations page of this site or you can be directed to their complaints handling process or Right-of-Reply Scheme by using the step-by-step guide below to assist you in making a complaint or a request.

    Step 1. Have you already made a complaint to the relevant broadcaster?

    Step 2. Refer your complaint to the BAI

    In order to submit a complaint, please click on the link and submit through the BAI Online Complaints Portal

    Please be advised that the Complaints Portal is not mobile accessible

    Step 2. Make a complaint to the relevant broadcaster

    In general, you’ll need to make a complaint or a Right of Reply Request directly to the broadcaster before the BAI can help you.

    In certain circumstances, however, complaints may be accepted directly by the BAI. These include:

    • Where you or an organisation you represent were referenced in a programme
    • Where you are requesting anonymity
    • Where you believe the broadcast has impacted on your privacy
    • Where you believe there is an exceptional reason for not referring the complaint to the broadcaster

    Should your complaint refer to any of the above categories, go back to Step 1 and click on the “Yes” button where you may then submit the details of your complaint.  For all other complaints, please contact the broadcaster.