Licensing Update: National Broad-format Service & Regional Youth Music-driven Service

The Broadcasting Authority of Ireland (“BAI”) has today, 26th September, confirmed receipt of one fast-track proposal from the incumbent for each of the following services:

  • a National Broad-format Service, and
  • a Regional Youth Music-driven Service, serving the Southwest of the country.

The Contract Awards Committee initiated a fast-track application process having received an expression of interest from each of the incumbents on 12th April last. The BAI will now review the submissions to ensure that all information requested has been received.  On completion of the licensing processes, the submissions will be publicly available.

The contract for the National Broad-format Service is currently held by Radio Ireland Limited, broadcasting as Today FM. This contract is scheduled to expire on 16th March 2017.

The contract for the Regional Youth Music-driven Service is currently held by Spin South West Limited, broadcasting as Spin South West. This contract is scheduled to expire on 28th June 2017.