Guidelines Available for Canada-Ireland Co-development Incentive

Dublin (Ireland) / Toronto (Canada), May 31, 2016 –

The Broadcasting Authority of Ireland (BAI) is pleased to announce that the programme guidelines for the Canada-Ireland Co-development Incentive for Audiovisual Projects between the Canada Media Fund (CMF) and the BAI are now available on the BAI website.

Click here to access the guidelines.

This incentive is the result of a partnership between both organisations to encourage the co-development of audiovisual content. The budget for the incentive is €150,000. Both organisations contributed an equal share in the total funding of the incentive.

To be considered for funding through the Incentive, projects must comply with both parties’ general funding criteria, with the CMF determining eligibility for the Canadian portion of a project and BAI determining eligibility for the Irish portion of the project. Projects will be evaluated and chosen by a committee comprised of representatives from each of the BAI and CMF through a selection process.

The total maximum contribution for each project funded through the Incentive will be €40,000. The deadline to submit an application for funding under this co-development incentive is September 28, 2016. All projects will be evaluated at the same time following the submission deadline.

Producers interested in finding an international partner as part of this Co-development Incentive are invited to post a profile of their company on the CMF’s website. Profiles will be accessible to all, including potential partners from other countries.