€1.36 Awarded under Round 3 of Archiving Scheme

The Broadcasting Authority of Ireland has today

(BAI) has today (22nd October) announced the award of funding totalling €1.36m to six successful applicants under the third round of the Broadcasting Fund’s Archiving Scheme.  The Scheme is designed to provide funding support for the development of an archiving culture in the Irish broadcasting sector, contributing to the preservation of Ireland’s broadcasting heritage.  The focus of the current round was on safeguarding material threatened because of its fragile physical condition or material on soon to be obsolete formats.

14 applications were received in round 3, seeking funding support of €2.73m.  13 valid applications were considered by an assessment panel of three independent experts and one representative of the BAI.

A list of the successful applicants and the amounts awarded is detailed in the attached table.  The initiatives to be funded include: the digitisation of news and current affairs content on TG4; funding for a feasibility study for the independent radio sector; funding for the archiving of studio and field recordings on RTÉ radio; the archiving of TV news film from 1961-1969 on RTÉ television; high definition production of selected TV content held by the Radharc Trust; and, the preservation, by the IFI, of content held by the production company, Loopline Film.

Speaking about the announcement, Michael O’Keeffe, Chief Executive of the BAI said: “In approving the award of funding to these six projects, the Authority was pleased to note the high quality of the applications received, as acknowledged by the assessment panel.  In particular, I welcome the partnership approach that has been adopted by one of the successful applicants, demonstrating an integrated approach to archiving and an acknowledgment of the value of partnerships between the independent production sector and institutions with archiving expertise.  The provision of funding for a feasibility study for the independent broadcasting sector is another welcome development and was considered a practical way to explore a common approach to archiving for the sector as a whole.

“The Archiving Scheme will continue to operate until the end of April 2016.  In advance of the Scheme’s expiry, the BAI will commence the process of conducting a statutory review of the operation, effectiveness and impact of the Scheme to date and will consider whether the Scheme, as currently operated, would benefit from revision.”

Full details of the Scheme are available here.


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 BAI Archiving Scheme – Round 3 Decisions 

  Org Status of Applicant Subject Maximum amount awarded
1. TG4 Broadcaster TV PSB Digitisation of Irish language news and current affairs. €426,927
2. IBI Institution with relevant material Feasibility study to create an archiving template for the independent radio sector €12,060.49
3. RTÉ Broadcaster Radio PSB Studio and field recordings (primarily music) 1988-2008 €207,318
4. RTÉ Broadcaster TV PSB TV News Film 1961-1969 €132,554
5. The Radharc Trust Institution with relevant material Selected programmes 1964-1972, in high definition €399,800
6. IFI Institution with relevant material Catalogue, digitise and make accessible the collection of Loopline Film €182,547.20