Commercial Radio Licensing: Fast-track Process Update

The Contract Awards Committee of the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland (“BAI”) has today, 31st July, announced its intention to invoke a fast-track licensing process for a sound broadcasting service, in accordance with section 67 (3) of the Broadcasting Act 2009.

The fast-track process may be invoked by the Committee when the only expression of interest made in good faith for the sound broadcasting service concerned is from the incumbent contractor.

In April 2019, the BAI issued a call for expressions of interest in a quasi-national broad-format Christian and religious sound broadcasting service on the AM and FM bands, targeting an audience aged 15+ years. By the closing date of the 18th June 2019, one expression of interest in the service had been received. The expression of interest was submitted by Spirit Radio Limited, the incumbent contractor for the service, and was deemed to have been made in good faith.

Accordingly, the BAI has today placed notifications on its website and in the national press, stating its intention to invoke the fast-track licensing process in respect of the above service. Any person, other than the incumbent, may make a submission to the BAI stating their intention to apply for the award of the contract. Such a submission must be accompanied by a fee of €25,000 and received by the BAI by 12 noon on Thursday, the 29th August 2019. In this regard, a Guide to Submissions and a Statement of Intent Form have been made available on the BAI website, for any interested party.

The Contract Awards Committee will meet to consider any submissions received further to the notification and determine the next phase in the licensing process for the above service.

Further information is available is here.


Contact: Tony Heffernan / Joanne Ahern, DHR Communications. Tel: 01-4200580 / 087-2399508/ 087-9881837 

Note to Editors

  • The contract, currently held by Spirit Radio Limited and broadcasting as Spirit Radio, is due to expire on 31st December 2020.