Commercial Radio Licences: Call for applications – Clarification

The BAI has posted to its website today a revised version of the advertisement published in the national press on 1st August 2019 inviting applications in writing from any person or body interested in securing a sound broadcasting contract for the provision of the following sound broadcasting service on the FM band:

A music-based sound broadcasting service for a general audience aged 35-55 years in Dublin City & County. 

An administrative error was noted in the advertisement regarding the closing date for receipt of applications which was stated as 12 noon on Wednesday, 30th October 2019.  The closing date for applications is 12 noon on Thursday, 31st October 2019 as stated in the guidance documentation issued to assist potential applicants in making a written application.

This notification is being issued for clarification purposes only.  The updated advertisement is available here.


Contact: Tony Heffernan / Joanne Ahern, DHR Communications, Tel: 087-2399508 / 087-9881837.

Note to editors:

The BAI has placed this notice further to the decision of the Contract Awards Committee (“the Committee”) at its July 2019 meeting having considered the two expressions of interest received in June 2019.  These two submissions were received in response to the BAI’s call for expressions of interest in the provision of the music-based service aimed at a general audience aged 35 – 55 years placed in the national press on 18th April 2019.

The Committee considered each expression of interest on its own merits in the context of the relevant sound broadcasting service and franchise area and having regard to the relevant statutory provisions. In each case, it was agreed that both of the expressions of interest received had been made in good faith. Therefore, the Committee decided that the provision of a music-based service aimed at a general audience aged 35 – 55 years for the Dublin City and County franchise area should be open to a competitive licensing process.

The Expressions of Interest for Dublin City & County, music based service, general audience aged 35 – 55 years were received from:

  • Q102, Contact: Margaret Nelson,, 01 8506 500
  • Punneli Technologies Limited, Contact: Mr. Nessen Paul,, 00 353 851901395