Sound & Vision 3 is a funding scheme for television and radio programmes, funded through the television licence fee.

How to apply

Applicants must complete the Application Form and submit their application via Completed applications must be submitted by 12:00 noon on the closing date of each funding round. If you are a new applicant, you must register at least 2 days before the closing date.  Go to to see how to register.  Email if you have any queries about this. Be sure to check your status!

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Closing dates for upcoming rounds

Round 34

  • Television and radio (open round)
  • Closes 7th November 2019, 12 noon.
  • Decisions expected February/March 2020.


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Useful documents / information

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Scheme objectives

  • Develop high quality programmes based on Irish culture, heritage and experience;
  • Develop these programmes in the Irish language;
  • Increase the availability of programmes referred to above to audiences in the State;
  • Represent the diversity of Irish culture and heritage;
  • Record oral Irish heritage and aspects of Irish heritage which are disappearing, under threat, or have not been previously recorded, and;
  • Develop local and community broadcasting.

To achieve these objectives, the Scheme offers grant funding to new television and radio programmes which deal with the themes of:

  • Irish culture, heritage and experience;
  • Improving adult or media literacy;
  • Raising public awareness and understanding of global issues impacting on the State and countries other than the State; and/or
  • Any of the above in the Irish language.
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Scheme basics

  • The Scheme is financed from the Broadcast Fund which comprises 7% of the annual net receipts from television license fees.
  • The BAI has been assigned the responsibility of administering this fund.
  • The BAI Archiving Scheme is also financed from the Broadcast Fund.
  • The BAI will generally allocate funding using a funding rounds system.
  • For each round, the BAI determines the closing time and date; the types of applications that can be submitted and the amount of funding available.
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