BAI Role

The BAI has a long-standing strategic focus of supporting the broadcasting sector through learning and development activities.  While the BAI does not deliver training and development activities itself, it has developed a sustainable approach, which focuses on developing and supporting relevant industry networks and the operation of funding schemes, which can in turn provide suitable and appropriate training and development initiatives for their members.  This approach has enabled the BAI to build and support a culture of learning and development within the industry.

Investment in learning and development helps broadcasters to respond to the interests and needs of Irish audiences.

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Sectoral Learning & Development Policy

The Sectoral Learning and Development Policy provides the framework to enable the BAI to strategically plan, support, measure and evaluate the continued growth of the broadcasting sector, through a variety of training, learning and development activities and approaches within its statutory and strategic remit.

For further information on Sectoral Development funding, please email Sectoral development team at

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Network Funding

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Community Broadcasting Support Scheme

The Community Broadcasting Support Scheme offers funding to community radio and television broadcasters to conduct reviews that help advance the organisational development of their stations.  The Authority has awarded total funding of €21,610 under the 2017 Scheme.

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Media Research Funding Scheme

This Scheme provides funding for research projects on themes selected by the BAI. Institutions and/or professional researchers are invited to submit applications for funding and need to outline how their research will meet the themes and objectives of the BAI. The Scheme runs every second year.

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Sectoral Needs Analysis

The BAI and the Irish Film Board are working together to devise a national strategy for skills development and training within the audio-visual industry in order to ensure continued growth and excellence. We also want to map the provision of production-related courses at third level and how these courses interact with the industry. Other key issues included in the strategy will be current and future trends within the industry influencing workforce skills and the ability to build more capacity and scale within the industry.  This work is on-going.

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Governance Handbook for Industry Networks

This Governance handbook provides guidance to industry networks on a range of topics such as governance, financial responsibilities, and running effective board meetings.  It is particularly useful for voluntary networks as it outlines a range of requirements and best practice processes and procedures for the management of any small organisation.  It also contains a range of website links, contact details and recommended texts to assist users.

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Temporary Radio Support Scheme

This Support Scheme provides funding for training, development and/or evaluation activities up to a maximum of €500 per station. A station can apply for funding for activities that aim to support current training activities or the funding could be used to evaluate the station’s current or previous training, development and / or evaluation activities.

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Other Current Initiatives / Projects

We are also supporting a number of other projects including:

  • Big Stories is an intensive workshop programme to develop long-form drama skills for screen writers, directors and producers.
  • TV production training programme is a pilot project centred around the provision of core production skills to new TV production entrants through classroom and set / location based learning on the set of TV3 soap, Red Rock.
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