Regulate, foster and support broadcasting in the public interest

Enhancing Innovation and Sectoral Sustainability

Promoting Diversity & Plurality


We regulate broadcast content and other significant obligations of broadcasters.

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Funding & Development

We proactively support the continued development of the broadcasting sector in Ireland.

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We license independent broadcast services with the aim to ensure diversity of choice for listeners and viewers.

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To promote a plurality of voices, viewpoints, outlets and sources in the Irish media

The BAI’s objectives for 2017-19 are organised under five strategic themes: 1) Promoting Diversity and Plurality; 2) Achieving Excellence and Accountability; 3) Communicating and Influencing; 4) Empowering Audiences; and,

5) Enhancing Innovation and Sectoral Sustainability.  The inclusion of the latter theme reflects our acknowledgement of the pressing challenges in this area. The Strategy Statement identifies the outcomes expected by 2019 in relation to each objective.

The BAI will actively support an increase in the production and availability of Irish content, particularly in the Irish language and the development of sustainable funding models for the audio-visual sector. These objectives are ambitious but we believe they are achievable with the input and support of all our stakeholders.