Broadcasting Authority launches three-year strategy statement

The Broadcasting Authority of Ireland (BAI) is committed to ensuring that Irish audiences have access to a range of quality content and views that are culturally and linguistically relevant. This is according to the chairperson of the BAI, Professor Pauric Travers, speaking today (22.02.17) at the launch by the Minister of Communications, Climate Action and Environment, Denis Naughten TD, of the BAI’s Strategy Statement 2017-2019.

This is the third strategy statement since the establishment of the BAI in 2009, and the first by the current Authority. It has been informed by a comprehensive review of the effectiveness of the previous strategy, an extensive public consultation and an in-depth assessment of the current context.

The strategy is set out under five strategic themes, along with strategic objectives and desired outcomes expected by 2019. The themes are: (1) promoting diversity and plurality; (2) achieving excellence and accountability; (3) communicating and influencing; (4) empowering audiences; (5) enhancing innovation and sectoral sustainability. The inclusion of the latter theme reflects the BAI’s acknowledgement of the challenges in his area.

Professor Travers said: “In developing our strategy for the next three years, we have taken account of changing patterns of media consumption, technological change, increased competition, particularly from abroad, and diminishing advertising revenue. We believe that such challenges offer opportunities which, if grasped, will ensure that the Irish audio-visual sector prospers over the coming years.”

Launching the strategy, Minister Naughten said: “In a continuously changing media landscape, it is vital that our broadcasting regulator develops strategies and objectives to effectively respond to the challenges faced by the Irish broadcasting sector and its audiences. I am pleased to launch a distinctly future-focused strategy today, which has, at its core, a commitment to regulate, foster and support broadcasting in the public interest.

“The presence of an effective, responsive regulator will support the maintenance of high standards in Irish broadcast media and ensure that Irish audiences are offered quality content that is diverse and culturally relevant.”

Starting from the viewpoint that plurality and diversity are essential to a healthy democracy, the BAI’s strategy sets out its vision as ‘an Irish media landscape that reflects and shapes who we are’.  Its vision is anchored in effective regulation, supporting the broadcasting sector in the public interest, promotion of plurality and diversity and fostering diverse and culturally relevant content for Irish audiences.

Chief Executive of the BAI, Michael O’Keeffe said: “With the development of our new strategy statement we have put in place an ambitious but achievable set of objectives. We will work over the next three years to deliver outcomes that contribute to a healthy and vibrant media landscape.

“This includes ensuring that the mix of voices, opinions and sources of news and current affairs content available for audiences remains strong; that Irish audiences are supported to develop a greater understanding of, and participation in, the production and dissemination of audio-visual content; an increase in the production and availability of Irish content, and the development of sustainable funding models for the Irish audio-visual sector.”

The BAI’s Strategy Statement 2017-2019 is available on this website:


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