BAI launches public consultation on revised Broadcasting Services Strategy

The Broadcasting Authority of Ireland (BAI) has today (24.04.18) launched a public consultation on a draft revised Broadcasting Services Strategy (BSS). The purpose of the consultation is to share the BAI’s vision for the broadcasting landscape and to elicit the views of stakeholders on this vision and options for future development. It also provides the public with an opportunity to input into the final strategy.

As part of the process of revising the current strategy, the BAI commissioned a report on market structures, dynamics and developments in Irish media. Produced by research company Mediatique, the report is available on the BAI website here to help to inform those wishing to make submissions during the consultation process. The process will also draw on responses to the BAI’s call for submissions from parties interested in the provision of new FM analogue sound broadcasting services, which was issued in June 2017.

Commenting, chair of the BAI, Professor Pauric Travers said: “The Broadcasting Services Strategy is an important document in that it provides the framework for the formulation of licencing and associated activities of the BAI.  The ultimate purpose of the strategy is to ensure that Irish audiences are served by a diverse range of broadcasting services that are open and pluralistic in nature.  Central to the BAI’s vision is choice and diversity for audiences and an expectation that all audiences will be served.  It will provide a framework for an Irish media landscape that reflects and shapes who we are.”

A consumer survey was also carried out as part of the Mediatique report to determine consumer preferences, behaviours and viewpoints on the broadcast market. Among its findings were that media consumers undertake an increasing range of activities, although both broadcast TV and broadcast radio remain the largest media in terms of activity and time spent.

BAI chief executive, Michael O’Keeffe said: “The survey results were very interesting and further highlighted an increasingly complex picture of broadcast content consumption in Ireland. However, it was heartening to see that TV and radio remain the dominant media among all age groups. Respondents were broadly happy with the performance of Irish radio and TV broadcasters, but scope for an improvement in the way they reflect Irish culture and diversity was identified, as well as a desire for an increase in Irish-made content. These are areas we have identified and made a commitment to in our Strategy Statement 2017-2019.

“The wider public can now have their say on the new Broadcasting Services Strategy and I hope that all those who have views on the future licencing of broadcasting services in Ireland will take the opportunity to make a submission and to inform the Authority’s decision in respect of the final document.”

The closing date for submissions in response to the questions set out in the consultation document is 12.00 noon on Tuesday, 19th June 2018.  A copy of the consultation document is available on the BAI website here, where details on options for making submissions are also available.


Contact: Tony Heffernan / Sebastian Enke, DHR Communications, Tel: 01-4200580 / 087-2399508 / 087-3239496

Notes to Editors:

  • Under Section 26 (1) (a) of the Broadcasting Act 2009, the BAI is required to prepare a strategy for the provision of broadcasting services in the State that are additional to those provided by RTE and TG4. The current Broadcasting Services Strategy was published in 2012, following a public consultation, and outlines the BAI’s proposed approach to, and a framework for, the licencing of additional services. The media environment has changed significantly since 2012. In addition, the BAI has published a Strategy Statement for the period 2017-2019.  A key deliverable of this Statement is “to develop and implement a revised Broadcasting Services Strategy that continues to facilitate dynamic licencing policies and plans and promotes quality programming and supports creativity and innovation in the Irish audio-visual sector and across all BAI activities”.
  • The consumer survey was undertaken in October 2017 by Kantar Media using a combination of online and telephone interviews to a total sample of 1,515 adults living in the Republic of Ireland. The survey was constructed to be representative of the Irish population, weighted by age, gender and TV service market share.