BAI launches public consultation on new Strategy Statement

The Broadcasting Authority of Ireland (BAI) has today (12.10.20) launched a public consultation on its draft Strategy Statement 2021-2023, which will guide its work for the next three years.

Opening the public consultation, Chairperson of the BAI, Professor Pauric Travers said: “The BAI’s vision is ‘An Irish media landscape that reflects and shapes who we are’ and the media landscape is changing rapidly. During the lifetime of this strategy, we expect key changes to media regulation, including the transposition of the Audiovisual Media Services Directive (AVMSD) into Irish law, and the dissolution of the BAI and the transfer of its functions to a new Media Commission / harmful online content regulator. This new Strategy Statement will guide the BAI during a time of change and, while it is for a three-year period, the Authority is aware that it may not be required for the full three years.”

He added: “In developing this strategy, the Authority also had regard to a range of other factors that will shape the media environment and will influence the BAI’s work and direction during this period. This includes the changing expectations of media and increased interaction with digital media, and international developments impacting on media and public life. Therefore, while this draft strategy statement is shaped by the current legislative framework and the BAI’s related functions and responsibilities, it also reflects the BAI’s expected role in leading and influencing change and transforming itself as an organisation for integration into the new Media Commission.”

Commenting, BAI chief executive, Michael O’Keeffe said “Work on the Draft Strategy Statement commenced in 2019 with a review of the efficiency and effectiveness of the existing 2017-2019 Strategy Statement. The review highlighted that there was broad satisfaction with, and a clear understanding of, the BAI’s Vision, Mission and Values. As with the previous strategy, the draft new strategy continues with five strategic themes, identifying where the BAI will focus its efforts over the next three years. The themes are: 1) Promoting Diversity and Plurality; 2) Achieving Excellence and Accountability; 3) Leadership in Change; 4) Empowering Audiences, and 5) Enhancing Innovation and Sectoral Sustainability. Under each of the five themes, a series of high-level strategic objectives are proposed, as well as the intended outcomes over the period of the strategy. One new theme has been included: ‘Leadership in Change’, which replaces the current theme of ‘Communicating and Influencing’.

“This theme has both internal and external dimensions and includes new objectives, which position the BAI to lead debate and influence policy development on the future legislative and regulatory framework for digital media services; commits the BAI to responding and adapting to developments in the wider environment; and addresses the requirement to transform the organisation and resources for integration into the new Media Commission. The other themes are unchanged, reflecting stakeholder views that they continue to be of importance and relevance for the next three-year period. While the themes are unchanged, they include new strategic objectives, which are explained and elaborated on in the Consultation Document”.

The Consultation Document and full details of the consultation, including an online submission form can be found at the deadline for responses is noon on Wednesday, 11th November 2020. The BAI intends to publish the final document in December 2020.


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