BAI Announces Licensing Plan Details

The Broadcasting Authority of Ireland (BAI) has today (Thursday, 21st January) announced details of its Licensing Plan for the remained of 2016. The plan comprises a mix of community, community of interest and commercial radio services. Details of the services to be licensed are as follows:

Service Type: Franchise Area – Target Audience
1. Commercial (Broad-format): Local – Limerick City & County
2. Commercial (Broad-format): National – Adult audience with core 20 – 44 age bracket
3. Commercial (Music-driven): Regional South West – 18 – 34 year olds
4. Community: Castlebar & its Environs – Local community
5. Community: Connemara & its Environs – Local community
6. Community: Dublin 15 Area – Local community
7. Community: North East Dublin Area- Local community
8. Community: South Dublin Area – Local community
9. Community (New):Tramore & its Environs – Local community
10. Community of Interest: Cork City – Students
11. Community of Interest: Dublin – Irish language community
12. Community of Interest: Galway City – Students
13. Community of Interest: Limerick City – Students

Under the Broadcasting Act 2009, the BAI is required to produce plans regarding the number, nature and scope of broadcasting contracts that it plans to enter into. Speaking about the publication of the plan, the Chief Executive of the BAI, Michael O’Keeffe said: “The Licensing Plan for the remainder of 2016 is important in capturing those services with licences scheduled to expire in 2017, in addition to making provision for a new community radio service for Tramore and its Environs. The Authority will give further consideration to any additional licensing requirements in the coming months and will publish further details at that time.”

The Authority will now direct the BAI Contract Awards Committee to invite applications for sound broadcasting contracts in the relevant franchise areas. Further information on the licensing process will be outlined over the coming months.

A copy of the Licensing Plan for the remainder of 2016 is available on the BAI website.