The BAI captures the focus of its work in five overarching strategic themes and the twelve high level objectives related to these themes are outlined on this page.  All five themes are of equal importance and are directed towards the achievement of the BAI’s strategic vision.  A copy of the BAI’s Statement of Strategy 2017 –19 is available by clicking here.

Promoting Diversity & Plurality

Strategic Objective 1 – Facilitate a mix of voices, opinions and sources of news and current affairs in audio-visual media which enhances democratic debate and active citizenship in Ireland

Strategic Objective 2 – Increase the production and availability of culturally relevant audio-visual content for Irish audiences

Strategic Objective 3 – Foster and promote quality programming in the Irish Language

Strategic Objective 4 – Foster a media landscape that is representative of, and accessible to, the diversity of Irish society

In order to achieve these objectives, the BAI will:

  • Continue to articulate an informed policy position on Media Plurality in Ireland that is supported by relevant research, and provide advices to the Minister as required
  • Develop and implement a revised Broadcasting Services Strategy that continues to facilitate dynamic licensing policies and plans and promotes quality programming in the Irish language
  • Continue to develop, implement and review broadcast funding schemes that support an increase in the production and availability of diverse, innovative and/or culturally relevant Irish audio-visual content, including content in the Irish language
  • Develop and implement and review an action plan that supports increased representation of the diversity of Irish society in the broadcast media with particular focus on gender and the Irish language
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Achieving Excellence & Accountability

Strategic Objective 5 – Regulate to achieve a responsible and accountable broadcasting sector

Strategic Objective 6 – Show leadership in sustainable development by modelling and promoting high standards of environmental, social and governance practice

Strategic Objective 7 – Promote an innovative working environment that motivates, challenges and develops the BAI

In order to achieve these objectives, the BAI will:

  • Develop implement and review a compliance action plan that supports robust compliance and governance practices by all licensed broadcasters and funding contractors
  • Establish and implement an action plan to ensure that the BAI operates to a high standard in relation to environmental, social and governance practices and promote this to the wider broadcasting sector
  • Build on organisational structures and culture that support individual and team learning and performance, particularly through enhanced HR processes and improved knowledge management
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Communicating & Influencing

Strategic Objective 8 – Promote public debate and inform policy to facilitate a vibrant, dynamic media landscape

In order to achieve this objective, the BAI will:

  • Continue to enhance our expertise to advise, inform and influence national and European audio-visual media policy, law and practice particularly though participation in relevant National and European fora
  • Develop, implement and review an annual communications action plan which informs and engages our stakeholders, especially the public, in a relevant and timely manner
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Empowering Audiences

Strategic Objective 9 – Develop the understanding, engagement and participation of the public in an evolving media landscape

In order to achieve this objective, the BAI will

  • Ensure that BAI Broadcasting Codes and Rules and the BAI broadcasting complaints process continue to support audience enjoyment, understanding, and interaction with, audio-visual content
  • Develop, implement and review a set of media literacy activities which increases audiences’ ability to engage with, evaluate and understand audio-visual content in an evolving media environment
  • Facilitate an increase in the participation of members of the public in broadcast media, in particular in respect of community media services
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Enhancing Innovation & Sectoral Sustainability

Strategic Objective 10 – Work with stakeholders to support the achievement of greater sustainability for the Irish audio-visual sector

Strategic Objective 11 – Encourage creativity and innovation as distinctive features of the Irish audio-visual sector

Strategic Objective 12 – Ensure an increased focus on creativity and innovation across all BAI activities

In order to achieve these objectives, the BAI will:

  • Develop and implement a structured programme of activities, in collaboration with the public, commercial and community broadcasting sectors, that facilitates the development of enhanced sustainable sectoral funding models
  • Develop and implement a framework that promotes and supports creativity and innovation in the Irish audio-visual sector and across all BAI activities
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Supporting Documentation

The BAI undertook a public consultation to inform the development of its Strategy Statement 2017-2019.  The outcomes of this consultation were published and can be found here.

The BAI has agreed, and published, a three-year high-level work plan to support the achievement of the stated strategic objectives.  A copy of this work plan is available here.

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