BAI Signs Three Radio Contracts & Announces Further Licensing Process Details

The Broadcasting Authority of Ireland has today (Tuesday February 11th) signed three, ten-year sound broadcasting contracts with RedFM, Spin1038, and WLRFM.  The contracts with Spin 1038 and RedFM are for music-driven radio services targeting 15-34 year olds.  Spin 1038 is available to listeners in Dublin City and County while RedFM is available in Cork City and County.  WLRFM is a local, broad-format radio service for listeners in County Waterford.

Speaking at the contract signings, the Chairperson of the BAI, Bob Collins said “the BAI is delighted to sign contracts with these three service providers today.  As with many other sectors in the media, radio has experienced significant challenges in recent years, both from the perspectives of the economy and the changing media landscape.  The sustained high level of listenership to Irish radio, as evidenced in recent JNLR results, has demonstrated that Irish broadcasters have been responsive in serving their audiences.  I wish RedFM, Spin 1038 and WLRFM renewed success over the term of their ten-year contracts and I am confident that they will continue to adapt and remain relevant to audiences into the future.”

The BAI was represented at the contract signings by the Chairperson, Bob Collins and Michael O’Keeffe, Chief Executive.  The signatories for each of the stations, together with the effective date for each contract, are as follows:

Station Name Franchise Area Station Signatories Effective Date
RedFM Cork City & County Fiona Darcy, Secretary,Tom Murphy, Director. 15th February 2014
Spin1038 Dublin City & County Jamie Crawford,CEO

Lucy Gaffney, Director.

6th April 2014
WLR FM County Waterford Desmond Whelan, Secretary,Tom Murphy, Director. 15th February 2014


The BAI has also announced that it will hold an oral presentation, which is open to the public, as part of the competitive licensing process for the niche, music-driven, sound broadcasting service for Dublin City and County.  This decision was taken by the Contract Awards Committee of the BAI at its most recent meeting.

Three applications were received for this service in response to the BAI’s call for applications, the closing date for which was 23rd September 2013.  The applications were submitted by Star Broadcasting Limited, Easy FM Limited, and URADIO.

The Committee considered that there were issues requiring clarification and/or further information from the two qualifying Applicants, Star Broadcasting Limited (trading as Sunshine 106.8) and Easy FM Limited (trading as Country FM).  It was agreed by the Committee that this information would be sought through both supplementary questions and oral presentation.

It is intended to hold the oral presentation in the franchise area on Monday, 14th April.  The BAI will announce the time and venue for the presentation on completion of the final arrangements for the event.


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Editor’s Note:

In addition to the competitive licensing process for the niche, music-driven service in Dublin City and County, there are a further four competitive licensing processes underway.  The status of these processes is as follows:

–       The sound broadcasting contract for the local broad-format service for Counties Laois, Offaly and Westmeath was awarded in principle to Midlands Community Radio Service Limited, (trading as Midlands 103), and contract negotiations are underway.

–       The Contract Awards Committee has scheduled an Oral Presentation for the local broad-format service for North Donegal.  The hearing will take place on 31st March, at which the two Applicants; Donegal Highland Radio Limited, (trading as Highland Radio) and Donegal Commercial Radio Broadcasting Limited (trading as DLFM), will give a presentation and be questioned by the Committee.

–       The competitive licensing processes for the South-East regional service, targeting 15-34 year olds, and the Sligo/North Leitrim/South Donegal local, broad-format service are underway.  The Committee will consider the applications for these services over the next two months.

Spin 1038
L-R Jamie Crawford,CEO Spin FM, Lucy Gaffney, Director Spin FM, Michael O’Keeffe, Chief Executive BAI and Chairperson BAI, Bob Collins.


L-R Desmond Whelan, Secretary, WLRFM, Michael O’Keeffe, Chief Executive BAI, Tom Murphy, Director WLRFM and Chairperson BAI, Bob Collins.
L-R Fiona Darcy, Secretary, WLRFM, Tom Murphy, Director, WLRFM, Michael O’Keeffe, Chief Executive BAI and Chairperson BAI, Bob Collins.