Commercial Radio Licensing: Competitive Licensing Process Update

The Contract Awards Committee (“the Committee”) of the BAI has today (19th December) announced that it agreed at its meeting held yesterday to recommend to the Authority of the BAI that it enter into a sound broadcasting contract with Midland Community Radio Services Limited, trading as Midlands 103, for the local broad-format sound broadcasting service for Counties Laois, Offaly and Westmeath subject to contract negotiations.   The Committee received one application in response to its call for applications published in the national press for the radio service earlier this year.

The Committee has also announced that it will hold an oral presentation, which is open to the public, as part of the competitive licensing process for the broad-format local sound broadcasting service for North Donegal.

There were two applications submitted for the radio service in response to the BAI’s call for applications published in the national press earlier this year.   The applications were submitted by Donegal Highland Radio Limited, trading as Highland Radio and Donegal Commercial Radio Broadcasting Limited, trading as DLFM.

The Committee initiated its consideration of the two applications at its meeting yesterday.  The Committee considered that there were issues requiring clarification and/or further information required from the Applicants and agreed that such information would be sought by both supplementary questions and oral presentation.

It is intended to hold the oral presentation in the local area in March 2014.  The BAI will announce the time, date and venue on completion of the final arrangements for the oral presentation.

There are a further three competitive licensing processes underway and the consideration of the applications for these services will be conducted over the first quarter 2014.
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