Broadcasting Authority of Ireland (BAI) Moratorium on Referendum Coverage

The BAI is today reminding broadcasters that a moratorium on coverage of the referendum on the Treaty on Stability, Co-operation and Governance in the Economic and Monetary Union comes into effect from 2pm on Wednesday 30th May. The moratorium will remain in effect until 10pm on Thursday 31st May, when polling stations close.

During this period, radio and television broadcasters regulated in the Republic of Ireland will not be permitted to carry any content that relates directly to referendum issues, including material pertaining to the merits or otherwise of the referendum and the related constitutional amendment proposed. The moratorium applies to all on-air personnel including, but not limited to, presenters and representatives of referendum interests and groups, including political parties.

Speaking about the moratorium, Michael O’Keeffe, Chief Executive of the BAI said “The moratorium is not intended to preclude coverage during this period of legitimate news and current affairs stories that are unrelated to the referendum. However, broadcasters should avoid airing content that it believes is intended and/or likely to influence or manipulate voters’ decisions during the moratorium period.”

The BAI has issued explanatory guidance notes so as to assist with compliance during this critical period of the referendum and these can be accessed on the BAI’s website here:



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