Invitation to Quote – Advertising Market Analyst

The Broadcasting Authority of Ireland (BAI) is seeking the services of a suitably experienced advertising market analyst to assist work being undertaken by it as part of the review of the BAI Children’s Commercial Communications Code.

The successful candidate will be required to analyse and report on particular aspects of written submissions received on foot of public consultation on revisions to the Children’s Code. The analysis is restricted to the economic impact, if any, of draft regulation on Irish broadcasters in the Republic of Ireland.

The successful candidate will:-

 Have a demonstrable expert understanding of the Irish radio and television advertising market.

 Interrogate the validity of any economic arguments, included in written submissions provided on foot of two stages of consultation, that deal with the impact, if any, of proposed regulation on advertising.

 Attend workshops/targeted consultations to be held with interest groups as part of the consultation process. Attendance will be in an observational capacity only.

 Produce two short reports analysing consultation submissions.

 Attend two meetings of the Authority of the BAI.

The deadline for receipt of applications is Wednesday, 15th September 2011.

Background information, details of the organisation contracting, an outline of the project requirements and details of the application procedures are available here.