BAI Strategy Statement 2011-2013 Published

The Broadcasting Authority of Ireland (“BAI”) has today (February 18th) published its first Strategy Statement which sets out the organisation’s mission and values as well as its vision for the broadcasting sector for the period 2011-2013.
The Statement captures the focus of the work of the BAI in seven over-arching strategic themes. Eight strategic (high level) goals have been developed, covering the three year period of this strategy. Each goal contains specific objectives enabling the BAI to execute its mission and to contribute to the achievement of its vision. On a yearly basis, the BAI will identify specific deliverables under each strategic goal, which will shape its annual work-plan.

Today’s publication follows a public consultation on a draft BAI Strategy Statement during November 2010. 29 submissions to the consultation were received from industry bodies, broadcasters, internal and external stakeholder groups and members of the public. The Authority considered all submissions received at its meeting in December 2010.

Speaking about the publication, Bob Collins Chairperson of the BAI said “The publication of the first Strategy Statement for a new body is an important event in its life and a significant indicator of how it sees the future. This statement sets out the thrust of the Authority’s values and its understanding of the importance of broadcasting in this society. The Authority is committed to keeping pace with the rapid changes in the population and in the media. It will have a steady focus on ensuring that a strong and vibrant broadcasting sector will reflect and serve the interests of audiences in Ireland.”

The Authority has also published a Statement of Outcomes document which provides a general overview of the changes made to the draft Strategy Statement on foot of submissions received during the public consultation phase. The BAI’s workplan associated with the Strategy Statement is also scheduled for publication in the coming days. The BAI Strategy Statement is available online at or on request from the BAI by telephoning 01-6441200

To view a copy of the Strategy document, please click here