BAI publishes Draft Right of Reply Scheme

The Broadcasting Authority of Ireland (“BAI”) has today (11th January 2011) published the Draft BAI Right of Reply Scheme (Draft Scheme). The Draft Scheme, once implemented, will provide for the broadcast of a Right of Reply Statement which will facilitate the correction of incorrect information which has been broadcast and which has resulted in a person’s honour or reputation being impugned.

The Draft Scheme details how the proposed process for exercising a Right of Reply would work and how the public can utilise the Right of Reply Scheme. The Draft Scheme also outlines the review process in cases where a Right of Reply has been refused by a broadcaster.

Speaking about the Draft Scheme, the BAI’s Chief Executive Michael O’ Keeffe said, “the Scheme will provide an opportunity for a person to exercise his/her right to the correction of incorrect information, the broadcast of which has impugned that person’s honour or reputation, but without recourse to legal proceedings which may prove time-consuming and costly.”

A copy of the Draft Scheme can be downloaded from the BAI’s website or obtained from the BAI’s offices at 2-5 Warrington Place, Dublin 2. Written submissions can be posted to the BAI or emailed to .

All responses should reach the BAI on, or before, close of business on Friday 4th February 2011.