BAI Consultations

As regulator of the broadcasting sector in Ireland, the BAI makes decisions that impact on the viewing and listening of the general public as well as the way that the broadcasting sector operates.

Consultation helps the BAI make informed decisions that take into consideration a range of views and opinions of interested parties.

The BAI undertakes some consultation directly and also engages the services of specialised research companies. A range of methods (e.g. formal written consultations, meetings, focus groups, interviews and surveys) is used to engage with stakeholders. While each consultation differs in terms of purpose and scope, the BAI always endeavours to ensure that each process provides useful and meaningful information and that it is undertaken in a professional, transparent and cost-effective manner.


CLOSED – BAI Code of Programme Standards Consultation 2014 

CLOSED – BAI Access Rules Public Consultation 2014

CLOSEDBAI draft Strategy 2014-2016

CLOSED – BAI Draft Irish Language Scheme: Call for Submissions

CLOSED – Commercial Communications Codes Review (Children’s Advertising) – Stage 1 (2011)

CLOSEDCommercial Communications Codes Review – Stage 2 (2012)

CLOSEDBAI Licensing Plan Consultation

CLOSED – Draft Code of Fairness, Objectivity and Impartiality in News and Current Affairs Programming

CLOSED – Access Rules review

CLOSED- Draft Broadcasting Services Strategy – Consultation Document


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