Strengthening transparency & accountability

Facilitating learning & development

Ensuring diversity & plurality in Irish broadcasting


We regulate broadcast content and other significant obligations of broadcasters.

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Funding & Development

We proactively support the continued development of the broadcasting sector in Ireland.

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We license independent broadcast services with the aim to ensure diversity of choice for listeners and viewers.

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The BAI will take an active role in encouraging and facilitating debate on issues of concern to citizens and broadcasters.

The BAI challenges and supports the Irish broadcasting sector to remain relevant, essential and to deliver for the audience.  We support initiatives that identify and address development needs.  We work collaboratively with the sector

including with relevant networks and foster partnerships to enhance development and that create synergies.  All such work is ultimately directed towards the enhancement of Irish content for the viewer and listener.

A central element of the Authority’s work is the implementation of its Broadcasting Services Strategy and the achievement of the objectives set out in the Strategy; serving Irish audiences with quality programming; reflecting the richness and diversity of Irish society; promoting high standards and quality journalism; encouraging innovation; reflecting the imaginative potential of the country and its people; seeing its linguistic plurality as a cultural strength.